"Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of backup tapes hurtling down the highway."

Concurrency and distribution in Java, part one

The first in a series of two essays about concurrency and distribution.

Intercepting with LD_PRELOAD

In this essay we will be studying how to intercept/override library procedure calls using the LD_PRELOAD environment variable and our crafted library. It is a really simple thing but it can come handy.

Intercepting with ptrace()

The intercepting saga continues, with a twist.

How to run Archlinux on an Acer Aspire 1522 WLMi

The said tutorial is about configuring my favorite linux distro, Archlinux, for the Acer Aspire 1522 WLMi laptop.

The what, who and why of hacking

A philosophical essay about hacking and hackers.

Tool - 10,000 days lyrics

The most correct version of the lyrics to Tool's 10,000 days album I could find or make out.
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